Pintxos in San Sebastian

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San Sebastian has been at the top of my travel list for a long time now. And now I’ve been it’s still there, I’m already planning to come back! Beautiful sandy beaches and amazing food, this is a must-do experience – especially if you’re even remotely into food.

This is one of the top places in the world to eat and best of all for the most part it’s very affordable and there’s lots for you to try! The region’s speciality is a form of tapas called pintxos, named after the skewers that often hold each creation together. Bars around the old town in San Sebastian feature an array of colourful creations laid out on the bar for you to choose from. The idea is that you have a drink and one or two pintxos of what each bar does best before moving on.

Pintxos bars to try:

La Cuchara is one of the best rated bars, the scallop with jamon is on my must try list for next time

Bar Zeruko features fabulous artistic creations across the bar, make sure you order the specialty of smoked cod (bacalao a la hoguera)

Casa Gandarias for tender sirloin

Munto had a delicious and simple mushroom dish, and a plate of prawn skewers so fresh and delicious I couldn’t stop eating them

Borda Berri for risotto de hongos (mushroom with orzo), definitely one of our favourites!

Goiz Argi for the delicious prawn skewers (brocheta de gambas), one of the best dishes we tried

La Cepa is one of the more famous bars, known for it’s jamon

– And finish off your pintxos crawl with cheesecake from La Vina. Also available to take away if you can’t manage to eat it right away.

Map of Places to go in San Sebastian

Tips for San Sebastian

– try Txakoli, a young white wine typical of the Basque Country, is served extremely cold and poured from a height to force fizz into the liquid. It’s deliciously acidic. A glass will set you back €1.50.

– Look around at what others are having if you aren’t sure of the specialty of the bar, often it’s a hot dish that needs to be ordered from the blackboard

– Most of the staff won’t speak English but they’re good humoured and pointing and saying ‘por favore’ will get you a long way

– Generally you won’t know how much anything costs but it’s all pretty good value (most pintxos are between €1-€3) so just enjoy and remember it will be worth it.

– Don’t stay for too long in one place, try and limit yourself to two dishes per place so you can visit as many as possible.

– Once you’ve made your way around the best pintxos places try a restaurant instead. The tasting menu at Fuegro Negro  is supposed to be very good. Their signature dish of makobe with txips (a wagyu beef slider on a tomato bun with banana chips) was interesting but not particularly memorable. One of their dishes on the tasting menu, “Paloma, tiro, PUM!” is a pigeon breast with a licorice bullet and beetroot “blood” spatter over the plate.

– Walk around the glorious beachfront or up Mount Urgell to build up an appetite

– Get a delicious sandwich (bocadillo) takeaway for the trip back from Taberna Dakara or for your trek up Mount Urgell

– The locals seem to eat with their hands before throwing the napkin on the floor (seeing them strewn on the floor is supposed to be a sign of a good place) but I wouldn’t stress about using a plate as you’ll probably stand out in other ways too

– Wander out of the old town and across the river to explore nearby Gros where the locals go – Hidalgo 56 and Bodega Donostorria are both very well regarded. Visit La Gintoneria for a refreshing and delicious gin and tonic from their impressive selection.

Check out this website before you go to plan your pinxtos crawl by finding each bar’s specialty.


Mackobe Burger With Planta Txips at Fuegro Negro
2014-04-06 13.52.34
Assortment of savoury pintxos as Bar Zeruko
2014-04-06 13.56.18
Smoked cod at Bar Zeruko
2014-04-06 20.45.44
Gin and Tonics being created at La Gintoneria

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Gontran Cherrier has also opened shops in Shanghai and Tokyo where I’m sure his culinary creations are right at home.

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It has been described as “the concrete junkie’s equivalent to a dropper of heroin”.

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Since before the dawn of human history the rivers running into Tokyo Bay flowed through nature and (in recent centuries) agricultural land. But gradually since the mid-1950s, this land has undergone massive urbanization – a tenfold increase from 5% in 1955 to over 50% today. This has been primarily at the expense of rice fields and other agricultural land, land which used to absorb most of the rainfall in the area.

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